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As women who are savvy shoppers, wanting high quality, trusted products and company integrity we turned to Young Living who has been in business for 25 plus years! Dr. Faith's family has personally been using Young Living Products since she was 17. Over the past few decades this company has grown from supplying just a few essential oils to over 400 products that are non toxic, affordable (for the quality) and has delivered on effectiveness year after year!


Both Rebecca and Dr. Faith enjoy using Young Living's amazing products which you can learn more about on our podcasts. We enjoy using and teaching you about the following amazing products such as:

>>Essential Oils

>>Make up

>>Hair care products


>>Health foods (shakes, bars)

>>Cleaning products

>>Skin care products

>>Products for babies

>>Products for animals

and so much more!

The kicker though to saving money and being apart of this exclusive company is to get your own membership to order monthly items your family needs. We call this option (it is optional & free to sign up after you have your own account) ESSENTIAL REWARDS. It's like your very own wellness box that comes monthly that you choose what items you need for your family. We love it because it forces you to have what you need on hand for your family, because we all know last minute wellness can be hard on families that are on the go. We have never not loved a product we chose to come in our monthly orders.  If you don't want to commit to a monthly wellness box that you choose what comes each can still order Young Living products when you need them. The only requirement to keep your membership active is $50 minimum purchase/year. However, we highly recommend making the commitment to enjoy wellness each month a minimum of $50/month order to keep active...we find this forces you to try products you never know that just may change your life! Stay tuned to our podcasts to find out how these amazing products from Young Living work!

To get started in activating your own account click here and decide what way you want to start (so many starter kit options affordable for all). The kits help you to use the products and essential oils so that you can hands on enjoy the benefit of the amazing wellness products they have!

By ordering products and getting your own membership under our member number [1475201] you are supporting our families and allowing for us to keep our website/podcast going strong. Thank you for subscribing to our podcasts and listening to all the wonderful ways to use various products to keep living your Journey to the fullest!

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