Along our Journey we wanted to share with you our favorites things that have helped us and Dr. Faith's patients with health/healing, wholeness & overall kick butt awesomeness! Some of the links are affiliate links which help us to provide minimally for our families.  Some of these products require you to have a wholesale membership to Young Living to purchase. Click here to learn why we support having a membership to save your family money in the long run. When looking to obtain your membership >> be sure to enter ID # 1475201

Master Formula EP:6
This wonderful all in one supplement is full of daily nutrition for those on the go! This supplement has your B Vitamins that you need on a daily basis to stay replenished!
Femigen EP:5
We suggested taking this supplement to help balance hormones levels. Hormone imbalance can cause you to not be yourself and not living out your full potential. If you have not felt yourself for a while. Listen to EP #5 to get inspired!
PD 80.20 EP:5
DHEA is a hormone precursor that our body relies on to make estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and even cortisol. As we age this hormone decreases, thus decreasing or creating an imbalance in our hormones. This supplement is recommended to help get your hormones back on track!
S Acetyl L Glutathione
This product can be purchased through Amazon at this link. Your liver is your best friend when it comes to supporting all that you encounter on a daily basis. Toxic air, water, foods & life. Your best friend also needs support for your liver is vital to optimal life long health. Especially as a woman, you need your liver to help make and detox hormones!
Magnesium Glycinate EP:6 & 6
Purchase off Amazon via this link. This is a supplement that everyone needs to be on for life! If you drink coffee, eat sugar, have stress and are active (athletics or repeatitive work actions)...you need this supplement EVERY DAY! RDA is 400mg/day. We suggest to take this supplement at night to help you to sleep and relax your muscles. Put this supplement by your bedside! It's vital for over 300 biochemical reactions in your body. This supplement is our #1 all time recommendation!
Optimal Electrolyte No Sugar Drink
Hydration is vital. Hydration with the right electrolytes is even more vital. Electrolytes with out added sugars, dyes and other nastiness is HUGELY important to health & wellness for all. This powdered drink needs to be in all cabinets for life. Helps with energy, detox, brain function & peak performance!
Liposomal Glutithione Liquid
This supplement is a must to have to support so many cellular processes in your body. It helps to support your body to make the most powerful antioxidant in your body...SOD (Superoxide Dismustase). Taken on a regular basis you'll notice enhance weight loss, hormone support, increased energy levels, boosted immune system.
Probiotic w Spores
When choosing a probiotic to help replenish your gut flora, look into starting with spores that are forms of the bacteria taken back into their initial stages. They are more hardy to make it through the digestive system and set up shop to help you have ideal bowel health. You know this supplement is working for you when you feel you have nicely formed stools:)
Sulfurzyme EP:5
Your liver needs MSM (methylsulfonlymethate) to support stage 2 of your liver's detox abilities. Not only that this supplement supports your gut lining, hair skin and nails as sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals needed for all your supporting cells. You need a Young Living Membership to get this item at wholesale. Please enter in ID #
Inner Defense
This essential oil product packs some amazing benefits to help support your immune system. The capsules have lemongrass, oregano, thyme, and thieves essential oils all combine together to help your immune system be extremely effective. We highly suggest this as a supplement for every household! Suggested use when in need. Take 1 in the am and 1 in the pm.
Adrenal Support
Stress is all around us and it is unfortunately here to stay despite our best efforts. So to support your stress glands (adrenals) you NEED to be on herbs called adaptogens. These herbs are hugely vital to help maintain stress hormones that can accumulate too much and for too long. Causing weight gain, hormone issues and thyroid issues. This supplement is one way to keep your hormones in check, help to regulate energy and to prevent that "burnt out" feeling.
Epsom Salts EP:6
Along with taking Magnesium Glycinate internally everyday. We highly suggest taking epsom salt baths at least 2 to 3 times/week. By absorbing the magnesium mineral through your skin your muscles, joints, skin and nervous system will all thank you as it will be calm and relaxed on a daily basis. Suggested use, 2 cups/big bath.
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Forgiveness EP:1 & 2
Forgiveness™ essential oil blend is formulated with Melissa, Geranium, Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and other essential oils to help create a calm, uplifting environment when forgiving yourself and others.
Surrender EP:3
Surrender™ is a blend of Lavender, Black Spruce, Roman Chamomile, and other essential oils that provides aromas to help cast off inhibitions that may be controlling your life or limiting your potential.
Joy EP:4
Create an environment of romance and warmth with Joy™ essential oil blend. With its combination of floral and citrus essential oils, including Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Rose, Bergamot, Lemon, and Tangerine, this unique and feminine fragrance is sure to be a favorite. Diffuse Joy around the house for an environment that is pleasant and inviting or dab it on your neck and wrists for a natural floral perfume. This essential oil blend invites togetherness and is used adoringly by me
Progessence Plus EP:5
Progessence Plus™ serum is formulated specifically for women, designed to promote well-being and feelings for relaxation, harmony, and balance. It features some of our most-loved essential oils, including Frankincense, Bergamot, and Peppermint.
Stress Away EP: 6
Stress Away™ essential oil blend contains a unique combination of Lime essential oil and vanilla extract. It’s this distinct mix of vanilla and Lime that gives Stress Away its unique and pleasant aroma, among other benefits. Stress Away also includes Copaiba, which has a history of beneficial properties in topical application; Lavender, with its refreshing and calming scent; and Cedarwood, which features the powerful plant constituent cedrol.
Gratitude EP:7
Foster a grateful attitude and embrace the blessings in your life. The uplifting aroma of Gratitude™ invites a feeling of emotional and spiritual progress.
Awaken EP:8
Awaken™ is a blend of five other blends. Expertly formulated to help you become aware of limitless potential when used aromatically, Awaken is the first step toward making positive life changes.
Envision EP:9
Envision™ contains scents that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.
Oola Balance EP:11
Oola®** Balance™ is designed to align and balance your center for a positive outlook and amplify the ability to focus on passions, behaviors, and health when diffused.
Purpose He Magnifies EP:12
The aroma of Magnify Your Purpose™ essential oil blend stimulates creativity, desire, focus, and motivation, encouraging you to seize initiative when used aromatically.
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Premium Starter Kit
This is the kit most households start with to use the most commonly used essential oils to help keep a family well & clean with no toxins! This kit allows for you have your own membership to buy your products @ wholesale!
Gold Spray Bottles
Make your favorite essential oil a spray. We love making our own perfumes or non toxic hand sanitizers with these spray bottles.
coconut oil
Fractionated coconut oil is a tool to have on hand because it helps you to make your oils carry longer for you and it's a great way to have your oils get massaged nicely into your skin.
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Femigen EP:5

We suggested taking this supplement to help balance hormones levels. Hormone imbalance can cause you to not be yourself and not living out your full potential. If you have not felt yourself for a while. Listen to EP #5 to get inspired!

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